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Stay Informed: Japanese Gardening News from Around the World

Japanese gardening, with its deep roots in tradition, is constantly finding new admirers and evolving in exciting ways across the globe. Stay in the loop with our Garden News section, your trusted source for all the fresh developments in the universe of Japanese gardening.

Global Stories, One Common Passion

Every corner of the world has its unique take and appreciation for this ancient art form. From the restoration initiatives in San Francisco that breathe new life into old gardens to the vibrant celebrations of Japanese gardening festivals in London, there’s always something happening. Be it the artistic interpretations in France’s lush landscapes or the heartwarming community projects in Australia; the world’s love for Japanese gardening is evident.

Join us as we chronicle these tales of passion, innovation, and tradition. See how Japanese gardening continues to inspire, evolve, and thrive in different cultures, climates, and communities. With each story, you’ll realize the universal appeal and timeless charm of this exquisite horticultural art form.

Embracing Love and Solitude in the Kubota Garden: A Seattle Writer’s Retreat

Immerse yourself in the seasoned narrative of a Seattle residing author, who has found solace and companionship nestled within the zen-like tranquility of the Kubota Garden. For 9 years, a bustling city life has punctuated their existence, yet equilibrium is restored as they escape to the neighboring Japanese garden nestled in Rainier Beach, a serene retreat that’s always open and doesn't demand a cent. On days like Christmas, when the cacophony of the city is a stark contrast to the calmness...

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The Huntington Library’s New Addition: The 17th Century Japanese Heritage Shōya House

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens are on the brink of unveiling a remarkable new addition – the 17th Century Japanese Heritage Shōya House. This unique attraction, which is set to open to the public on October 21, is a meticulous replica of a typical farming village from yesteryears, complete with walls, a gatehouse, and terraced rice fields. This 320-year-old family abode originates from Marugame, Japan, and was lovingly donated by Los Angeles residents Yohko and Akira...

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EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Fest Showcases Traditional Japanese Garden

Embark on a blissful journey with the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival as it brings the exquisite tradition of Japanese gardening to life. This captivating event showcases the authentic Shishi-odoshi garden in the Japan pavilion, first introduced 20 years ago by arborist Shoji Kanaoka, a dedicated component of the EPCOT team since its inception. Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of the garden, with its distinct bamboo water fountain, affectionately dubbed a "deer scarer"—thoughtfully...

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Horticulturalist’s Artful Pruning Transforming Japanese Garden at Terrace Park

In the serene Terrace Park, a dedicated horticulturalist is meticulously transforming a piece of this environment into a marvel with a unique technique known as artful pruning. This green-fingered artisan meticulously clips and shapes the foliages of the Japanese Garden, creating an exquisite harmony of nature and artistry that breathes tranquility into the lush surroundings. The breathtaking scenery unfolded before your eyes is poised to let you experience the euphonious blend of flora...

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Heartbreak in San Jose: Koi Missing from Japanese Friendship Garden

In a saddening turn of events in the tranquil setting of San Jose's Japanese Friendship Garden, park officials woke up to the alarming realization that 50 precious koi were nowhere to be found. Stolen during the quiet of the night from their isolation tanks on April 29, this loss of around $4,000 worth of ornamental fish has left a gaping hole in the hearts of locals and park officials alike. The incident is causing an increase in security measures in the garden, which was already battling...

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Mystery of the Missing Koi Fish: San Jose’s Japanese Friendship Garden Breached

Imagine visiting the serene Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose, expecting to marvel at the vibrant colors of its resident koi fish, only to find an eerily empty pond. That's the baffling scene faced by astonished locals and tourists alike recently, as they discovered that about 50 of these beautiful creatures had mysteriously vanished. The shocking theft, which took place over two nights, involved not just the koi but also a water pump system. According to city officials, those missing...

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Revitalizing the Northern Plains: Plans For a New Japanese Garden at Botanic Garden Unveiled

Marking its 25th anniversary as a nonprofit, the Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society (NPBGS) has unveiled grand plans for a new Japanese Garden. This proposed addition to the Northern Plains Botanic Garden is set to provide a serene venue for various community engagements, including meetings, classes, and events, effectively becoming a touristic hotspot. Once completed, it will feature a dry garden, Japanese bridge, koi pond, and a diverse range of different plants. NPBGS aims to create an...

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Celebrating at Portland Japanese Garden with Music, Origami, and More

As you explore the enchanting world of the Portland Japanese Garden that has captured the hearts of locals and tourists for 60 beautiful years, you'll be treated to an array of vibrant celebrations. Marking its significant milestone, the garden filled its premises with delicate origami demonstrations, captivating tea ceremonies and soulful live music. Nestled in the heart of Portland, this cultural haven was established to foster relationships and spread cultural knowledge amidst political...

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Shoreline Improvements: A New Chapter for Japanese Gardens

Embarking on a new chapter of renovation, the enchanting Japanese Gardens in Sioux Falls is set to temporarily close for shoreline improvements. With a heritage dating back to the 1930s, these beloved gardens have captured the hearts and imaginations of both locals and visitors alike with its serene atmosphere and charming aesthetics. The impending project which kicks off on Friday, aims to expand the shoreline, enhance circulation, improve sightlines and create larger spaces for events such...

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Ashland Parks and Rec Tackles Japanese Garden Cost Overrun

In a surprising twist, the Ashland Parks and Recreation department finds itself dealing with a substantial cost overrun of $325,000 for the construction of the Japanese Gardens in Lithia Park. Initially set at a budget of $1.3 million, financial struggles arose due to a mixture of inflation, increased labor and shipping charges, and additional hardships brought on by the pandemic. The department now has to grapple with how to manage the funds moving forward, aiming to be more conservative in...

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Historic Japanese Garden in Kidd Springs Park Reopens After Major Restoration

In a momentous celebration marking the culmination of eight years of dedication and a staggering $1 million restoration project, the ribbon was cut to signify the official reopening of the historic Japanese Garden at Kidd Springs Park. With the honorable presence of key park advocates and Japanese dignitaries, this botanical haven that first opened its gates in 1971, and had since weathered years of disrepair, has now regained its past glory. The revamp involved significant upgrades to the...

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Serenity in the Seasons: Appreciating Fall Beauty at the Portland Japanese Garden

You're about to embark on a tranquil journey through the stunning fall beauty of the Portland Japanese Garden. This peaceful oasis lets you experience the changing seasons as nature intended, with the garden soon to launch its "Fall Color Tracker." This innovative feature enables you to optimize your visit, ensuring you align your journey with the peak of nature's colors. Take note though, the timeline changes every year based on certain conditions, making your visit a unique amble through one...

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