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If you’re seeking tranquility in the heart of America, you don’t need a plane ticket to Japan. You can find stunning Japanese gardens right here in the States. With twelve notable ones across the country, you will find each possessing its own charm and beauty. From the picturesque setting of Portland Japanese Garden in Oregon to the oldest public one in San Francisco. Stroll through the lush greenery of Seattle’s garden in Washington, or admire the traditional architecture at Shofuso Japanese House in Philadelphia. In Florida, Morikami Museum’s garden promises tranquility, while the Chicago Botanic Gardens offers a zen-like atmosphere. Bask in the vibrant flora of Suiho En Japanese Garden in California, or soak in authentic Japanese vibes at Anderson Gardens in Illinois. Grand Rapids’ Meijer Gardens ties traditional scenery with modern sculpture, Missouri’s Mizumoto Garden offers serene walks, and Brooklyn Botanical Garden is famed for its cherry blossom season. Each location has unique visiting hours and for more information, one can check their official websites. So, gear up to wander through these peaceful havens without venturing overseas, and experience the serenity of Japan within America’s borders.

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Portland Japanese Garden, Oregon

Capturing the Essence of Portland Japanese Garden

Sprawled across 12 acres and tucked away in Washington Park, the Portland Japanese Garden is described as the most beautiful and authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan. Wherever you turn, there’s tranquility. It’s a spectacle of colors and scenic views that change with seasons. The garden comprises five different garden styles – Strolling Pond Garden, Natural Garden, Tea Garden, Flat Garden, and Sand and Stone Garden. Each of them reflects a unique aspect of traditional Japanese gardening and offers a serene environment to indulge in quiet reflection and contemplation.

Premium Attractions in Portland Japanese Garden

One of the irresistible charms of this garden is its pavilion where you can relish sweeping views of the city along with fresh brews of tea. The sand and stone garden draws attraction with its intricate detailing of sand patterns and weathered stones which depict islands of the sea. Don’t forget the captivating beauty of the cosmos flowers in the Natural Garden coupled with the ethereal mosses and fern undergrowth.

Travel Tips for Visiting the Portland Japanese Garden

It’s recommended to visit the garden during off-peak hours, especially in the mornings or late afternoons, to avoid the crowd. Check out the garden on a weekday for the quietest experience. Also, take time to soak in the beauty and aesthetics of each garden style during your visit.

Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco

The Historical Significance of Japanese Tea Garden

Designed as part of the California Mid-winter International Exposition of 1894, the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco carries history in its layers — it’s the oldest public Japanese garden in America. The garden is a haven for tranquility, peace, and a peek into the past. Recollecting traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, the garden spaces are cherished for their serene tea houses and arched drum bridges.

Main Attractions at Japanese Tea Garden

The five-acre Japanese Tea Garden is adorned with aromatic plants, lush greenery, and artistic attractions. The highlights include the Drum Bridge, a 60-foot Mountain Moon Bridge, and an antique Buddha statue dating back to 1790. The Zen Garden, with its miniature, idealized landscapes and carefully placed rocks, is a must-see spot too.

Visiting Tips for Japanese Tea Garden

Before you embark on your visit, remember that free entry is available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings if you enter before 10 am. Also, consider savoring some classic Japanese tea and light refreshments in the traditional Tea House.

Seattle Japanese Garden, Washington

Seattle Japanese Garden’s City Oasis

The Seattle Japanese Garden, seized within the well-manicured Washington Park Arboretum, offers an escape from the urban hustle. This 3.5 acre haven is designed in a traditional Japanese stroll garden style ensuring that every bend introduces a new view that melds harmoniously with the Northwestern greenery and fauna.

Highlights of Seattle Japanese Garden

Among the must-see sights is the thatched-roof Tea House “Azumaya,” a plant collection featuring Asian plants, and unique features exemplifying a traditional Japanese garden like stone lanterns, bridges, and a gazebo on the island.

Useful Information for Visiting the Seattle Japanese Garden

The garden is enjoyed best at a slow pace. It’s suggested you take a leisurely stroll, engage in activities and workshops that are often held, from haiku meets to origami classes, and attend the traditional tea ceremony held in the garden’s tea house.

Shofuso Japanese House, Philadelphia

Experiencing Traditional Japanese Aesthetics at Shofuso

Tracing back its origin to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Shofuso Japanese House, is a well-preserved instance of 17th century Japanese architecture. Standing against the backdrop of a picturesque waterfall, koi pond, island, and a tea garden, the ambiance here evokes a sense of being in Japan instantly.

Interesting Things to Do at the Shofuso Japanese House

As you saunter through the house, you will come across traditional elements like Fusuma paintings and a Hinoki roof. Remember to take off your shoes before you step in, as per Japanese customs. Visit the tea house to witness a traditional tea ceremony and enjoy the serene beauty of the garden surrounds.

Guidelines for Touring Shofuso Japanese House

Remember that the Shofuso Japanese House follows a strict no-photo policy inside the house, but you can take as many photos as you want of the glorious exteriors and the beautiful surroundings.

Morikami Museum, Florida

Morikami Museum’s Inspiration from Classic Japanese Gardens

Drawing inspiration from multiple acclaimed gardens across Japan, the Rockford Garden in Morikami Museum takes you on a historical stroll through the Japanese gardening from the 9th to the 20th centuries. Prepare to be enthralled by the tranquility and visual treat that the Morikami Garden promises its visitors with every turn.

Main Attractions at Morikami Museum

The Morikami Museum is not just about splendid gardens. It houses more than 7,000 Japanese art objects and artifacts making it an oriental treasure trove in Florida. The museum also plays host to traditional Japanese festivals making it an exciting place for cultural exploration.

Practical Tips for Morikami Museum Visitors

The best time to visit the Morikami Museum is during the cooler months of October to May. Don’t forget to enjoy Japanese tea in the Cornell Cafe.

Japanese Garden at Chicago Botanic Gardens

Finding Zen in the Japanese Garden at Chicago Botanic Gardens

Home to an extensive range of flowers and trees, the Japanese Garden at Chicago Botanic Gardens takes you on a journey full of tranquil moments, visual delight, and sensory pleasure.

Most Visited Spots in Japanese Garden at Chicago Botanic Gardens

The Japanese Garden at Chicago Botanic Gardens comprises three captivating islands; each carries distinctive features. The Garden of the Phoenix is known for its collection of classic Japanese plant species, while the Garden of the Three Islands features beautiful Japanese maples and conifers.

Tips for Touring the Japanese Garden at Chicago Botanic Gardens

While touring the garden islands, take a moment to pause at the Shoin House, a traditional Japanese tea house. Perhaps, you could even sign up for one of the tea ceremonies to engage in this timeless tradition.

Suiho En Japanese Garden, California

Experiencing Japanese Tranquility at Suiho En

As you stroll through Suiho En Japanese Garden in Van Nuys, California, you’ll get a sense of the traditional Japanese gardening philosophy. This replica of a stroll garden in Japan comes with a stunning lake that changes moods with the seasons.

Garden Highlight Lures of Suiho En

Featuring a Zen meditation garden, a tea garden, and Three Buddhas Island, you’ll be fascinated by the charm and tranquility Suiho En brings together in one place.

Recommendations for Suiho En Visitors

The best time to visit is during the fall when the maple trees turn a rich shade of red and the garden seems ablaze with color. Also, check out the traditional tea ceremonies that are held on weekends.

Anderson Japanese Gardens, Illinois

Relishing the Japanese Aesthetics at Anderson Japanese Gardens

If you’re looking for a moment of calm, make your way to the Anderson Japanese gardens in Illinois. These gardens are elegantly designed with colorful flower beds, beautiful stone sculptures, and traditional lanterns to recreate a Japanese oasis.

Noteworthy Features of Anderson Japanese Gardens

With its beautiful waterfalls, a modern pavilion, gazebos, and quiet paths that take you through scenic vistas, the Anderson Japanese Gardens provide you an authentic Japanese aesthetic experience.

Touring Advice for Anderson Japanese Gardens

Keep aside at least two hours for your visit to be able to relax and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the Anderson Gardens. Explore on foot to appreciate the intricate detailing of its rock placements, water shapes, and pathways.

Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Michigan

Blending Tradition and Modernity at Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Michigan fuses art, nature, and horticulture with tradition. You can marvel at the traditional Japanese elements like a tea house, Zen garden, and waterfalls, and enjoy modern sculptures – it’s the best of both worlds at Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park!

Main Attractions at Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

The Gwen Frostic Woodland Shade Garden and the Kenneth E. Nelson Carnivorous Plant House are among the most visited features of Meijer Gardens. You might even catch sight of unique sculptures throughout the entire grounds.

Tips for Travelers to Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

As the garden is spread over 158-acres, plan accordingly and give yourself enough time to soak in all the natural beauty and the artistic masterpieces that Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park has to offer.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden, New York

Experience Japan at Brooklyn Botanical Garden

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden houses one of the first Japanese gardens to be created in an American public garden. Known for its vibrant Cherry Blossom season, this garden is loved for capturing the essence of Japan and bringing it to you.

The Must-sees at Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Make sure to take a stroll down the Cherry Esplanade during the spring season, where the rows of cherry blossom trees burst with flowers. Also, explore the lovely C.V. Starr Bonsai Museum and the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden.

Visiting Brooklyn Botanical Garden: What You Need to Know

Remember to check out the garden’s schedule ahead of your visit as the operation times might vary with seasons. And, don’t forget to pack a camera: the photo opportunities are endless!

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